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Verified Views

Verified Views also known as a Visually Verified Montage (VVM) or Accurate Visual Representation (AVR), is an image that accurately shows a proposed development in it’s surroundings. Final images can also double as marketing views.

Verified views are generally commissioned when submitting planning applications on medium to large developments as well as politically or contextually sensitive ones.

A verified view adds credence to planning applications and can save time and money. An accurate 3D model is combined with photography and surveyed information to show the size and mass of a scheme. If you want to know your maximum design envelope, you can also use this service to determine it.

VisualHorizon3D will act as your independent 3rd party verified view specialist so that statutory bodies, clients and public alike can rest assured that ‘what they see is what they get’.

VisualHorizon3D owner Asil Purcell, has been creating AVR planning images throughout his visualisation career, working with some of the biggest and best companies in the construction industry. He has been involved in the creation and development of visually verified views since their birth and has frequently trained and passed on his skills to other visualisers in the field of Architectural Visualisation.

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“19 years experience creating verified view images has shown these views can save time and money in the planning process, often doubling as a design tool at key stages. VisualHorizon3D can even calculate a ‘design envelope’, allowing the architect to know the outer limits of a design and the client the advantage of achieving maximum floor space.”

Asil Purcell, Owner, VisualHorizon3D

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