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Whether marketing images, planning views or animations, VisualHorizon3D will produce the imagery to represent your project. Parts of the process include modelling, photography, image creation and post production.

VisualHorizon3D offers;

-Planning images (AVR or VVM views). 
-Internal and External Marketing views 
-Animations, walkthroughs and flyarounds 
-3D modelling

Planning images(Verified views)
Planning images are commonly referred to as AVR (Accurate Visual Representation) or VVM (Visually Verifiable Montage). These AVR images add credibility and assurance to any planning application they accompany. Owner, Asil Purcell, has been creating AVR verifiable planning images throughout his visualisation career, working with some of the biggest and best companies in the construction industry. He has been involved in the creation and development of AVR images since their birth and has frequently trained and passed on his skills to many other visualisers in the field of Architectural Visualisation.

Please see our Verified Views page for an explanation of the process.
Examples are in the Portfolio area of the website.

This is a combination of photography and computer generated imagery montaged together to make the final image. Please view the Portfolio area for examples.

Internal and External Marketing views
These images are often completely computer generated but do sometimes contain photography. Whether used online, on DVD or in print, these images are a key component of any marketing material produced. See the Portfolio section for examples.

Animations, Walkthroughs and Flyarounds 
Clients often require Animations of their developments. Working closely with the client, a storyboard can be produced, highlighting key focal points of a scheme and conveying the mood and message of a proposed development. An animation really brings the development to life.

3D modelling 

Modelling can be started from scratch using plans and elevations (even a napkin sketch). 3D working models are being supplied more and more. These can be used (subject to importing and checking). The more information supplied the better.

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