From Uninviting to Inviting

3D Visualisation after

The images below were created for A&Q Partnership Architects. Their client, Berkeley Homes, was shown this image to help them visualise the potential for a disused building on one of their sites. The main challenge with this particular project was to make a dark and uninvitingexisting photograph (see below) look light and inviting.A combination of computer generated elements and existing photo were used tocomplete the view. Together with some post production techniques, the image wascompleted to client satisfaction on time and within budget.    The feedback from A&Q was very generous and VisualHorizon3D are very happy tohave their name associated with […]

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Real vs Rendered

Real or Render

The first image in the series of REAL Vs RENDERED has been completed. Take a look below to compare the computer generated version against the actual photograph. While it’s a quick study, it’s a fine example of how your projects can be brought to life and understood, at-a-glance, by your target audience. You may be putting a marketing brochure together to sell your developments ‘off plan’ or you may be submitting a planning application. Whatever your reason, Visualhorizon3D will show your design as real as possible. Feel free to comment and please check in soon to see the next image […]

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April Fool’s Day article goes down a treat.


VisualHorizon3D’s Idea for an April fool went down a treat on Sunday. The tongue in cheek story about a new Bedford cable car made front cover of the Bedfordshire on Sunday Newspaper and was a fun read. For the poor souls who fell for it……hope you don’t feel too embarrassed. Read the full article here Bedsonsunday

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Introducing AVR images. Assisting you in the planning process

Verified View

AVR is an industry abbreviation of Accurate Visual Representation. They are not estimates, but accurate visuals that help allay public and local authority concerns, often speeding up planning applications in the process. AVR views are the accepted way of accurately showing a project in it’s intended context. It’s size and mass are depicted correctly and can be displayed in a number of ways. These images are becoming more commonplace in the planning process. Many major schemes in our cities use these images as part of their planning application submissions. Often a scheme may be in a sensitive area of the […]

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Remember those old red and blue 3D glasses?


Well, if you still have a pair, go and grab them, click on the two 3D images below and take a look.   The 3D effect adds real depth to images. The worktop really jumps out in the kitchen view as do the seats, glasses and water jug in the boardroom. A potential client asked to see these example “stereoscopic” views. Keep an eye on the blog for possible future 3D projects.

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3D Visualisation not as simple as it looks


3D Visualisation Producing a final 3D visualisation image for a client takes years of experience….and a little magic dust There’s a whole raft of work that needs to be completed prior to Post Production. The scheme, and the message the client is trying to convey, needs to be understood. The 3D model must be produced. Camera set up, lighting, materials and image output are all key areas that need detailed attention before the base image is ready. Now to sprinkle a bit of magic dust at post production stage…  (click to play)  Images produced by 3D Visualisation studio VisualHorizon3D Email […]

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Architectural Visualisation is…always observing the world around you


In the world of Architectural Visualisation one needs to keep ones eyes open for any possible project resource. You could be strolling past a building that has a certain texture on it or see a road or path detail that could be used on a project. A 3D visualiser should always be on the lookout for such textures and details. A camera is often kept close by to snap a shot for reference purposes or to be used as a texture or part of a photomontage.  The particular sky above was one such occasion when the camera was needed and it […]

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Communication is the key

Portfolio 04

Effective communication of your project is vital to its success. Pictures speak a thousand words and the use of great images will help your project achieve the success it deserves.VisualHorizon3D will give your images the care and effort they need to achieve this. Remember, these images will be the shop window for your scheme. These images can help you at concept stage, assist you in the development of a design, with planning, marketing or even help achieve funding for a scheme. They will show your project in the best possible light whatever your target audience.  

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