A supporters interpretation

It’s pretty common knowledge now that the world famous football club Tottenham Hotspur is building a new state-of-the-art stadium to move into, just a matter of yards from the their present home.

Visualhorizon3D proprietor Asil Purcell is a lifelong Spurs fan and season ticket holder. Season 2016/17 will sadly be the clubs last at their White Hart Lane home but exciting times lay ahead. Anticipation is naturally high amongst fans so, working from drawings publicly available on the planning website, Asil has been busy beavering away in his spare hours creating animations and still images of, what he believes will be, a decent interpretation of both the build process and how the stadium may look when finished.

It should be pointed out that Visualhorizon3D are not involved with the project so this material is of course all unofficial, just an interpretation by one supporter, but as a computer generated image specialist, Asil is keen to share with fellow supporters how he thinks the current build might progress on site.

The first instalment of this interpretation of the build process shows what the stadium may look like at the end of season 2016/17, where the partially built new stadium appears to ‘hug’ what will then be Old White Hart Lane.

For many fans this is both a sad and exciting time. Asil would like to wish everyone involved with the project good luck and best wishes on what promises to be a world class, and world first, stadium.


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